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MCG Service LLC

MCG Service, LLC was founded by Malika Gardner. Who grew up a portion of her life in the beautiful island of Jamaica located in the  Caribbean, and migrated to the USA at a very young age. After graduating college she  started the company providing just tax and insurance services, then later expanded into other lines of businesses to properly service client demands.

My company’s mission is to educated and serve, while at the same time providing value. Hence our slogan  “Quality Is Our Best policy”. Therefore we take pride in serving our clients in our local community of San Bernardino and nationwide consistently since 2016

We have helped hundreds of Southern California residents conduct their official business expeditiously.

Since our company was established in 2016 it has been growing steadily ever since. Amassing rave reviews from our clients and serving the community of San Bernardino with pride and passion every day, Visit us today.

Malika C. Gardner, Owner, MCG Service, LLC

“No path in life is easy, but the way you choose to navigate it can be simple”.

Malika Gardner
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When you come to our office you will receive the same professional, knowledgeable service that all our MCG family receives. We aim to put a genuine smile on your face when you’re leaving our office.

MCG Service, LLC offers tax preparations service to clients
MCG Service, LLC offer fingerprinting services in San Bernardino California
MCG Service, LLC is a tax preparation service in San Bernardino, California

I got my taxes done [at MCG Service] and I can recommend anyone to do the same, Malika is very professional and friendly. I'll definitely be going back again.


San Bernardino, CA