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Are you looking to hire a business consultant in California? Do you need clarity on how to start a tax preparation, notary public, or loan signing business in California? We understand the struggle of starting a new business and not knowing what to do next. Malika C. Gardner, owner of MCG Service, LLC in San Bernardino, CA started her tax preparation business while working as a security guard part-time and working for someone else as a part-time tax preparer. 

We’ll let you model our success

Now that MCG Service is one of the highest rated tax preparation businesses in Southern California, Malika can teach you, from first hand experience how to:

  • grow your tax or notary business.
  • create repeat customers.
  • get quality google ratings and reviews
  • grow your social media presence.
  • scale your business

Our clients work hard to build their businesses from the ground up, you deserve success and you deserve to get the necessary help you need to make your goals and dreams of where you want your business to be an actual reality, find out if we’re right for you and your business contact us:

Email:    |   Call: (909) 245-0558   |   Visit: 1254 S Waterman Ave, Suite 41, San Bernardino, CA

Business Registration

This is a complimentary feature of our consultation packages.

Looking to start legal entity in Southern California? We can help. At MCG Service, we help business owners form their legal entities to start their journey to massive success as small-medium-sized business owners. We’ve already helped a wide range of California-based business owners set up their LLCs, can we help you? Contact us to find out if we are a good fit for you and your business.

When you have a long journey ahead of you and need clarity and guidance we step in and help you, pair this service with our business consultant services in San Bernardino.

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Visit: 1254 S Waterman Ave, Suite 41, San Bernardino, CA

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