Insurance Services

Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance is property insurance that provides coverage for a policyholder’s belongings, liabilities, and possibly living expenses in case of a loss event. It’s available to persons renting or subletting a single family home, apartment, duplex, condo, studio, loft, or townhouse.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is generally required when purchasing a home to close escrow and based on your coverage it could cover a loss for actual cash value or replacement cost value (what it cost to build structure or replace damage based on current market value).

Life Insurance

There are two major types of life insurance—term and whole life. Whole life is often referred to as permanent life insurance, and has several subcategories, including traditional whole life, universal life, variable life and variable universal life.

Business Insurance

Business insurance can help pay the costs of property damage, lawsuits, lost business income, and other covered losses. To help protect against specific risks unique to their situation, businesses often buy multiple coverages and combine several in one policy.

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Auto Insurance

The three types of car insurance that are universally offered are liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. Drivers can still purchase other types of auto insurance coverage, like personal injury protection and uninsured/underinsured motorists, but they are not available in every state.