Live Scans in San Bernardino

To have a Live Scan done at our San Bernardino office please call to book an appointment, click the link below to see available time slots, and to book your appointment online.

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Digital Live Scans

We are Live scan agents in San Bernardino, CA. We offer Live Scans and fingerprinting for both DOJ and FBI purposes, Our DOJ and FBI Live scan services in southern California can help you to complete your necessary background checks for work or for business. You will need to make an appointment before coming to do your Live scans. Visit our FAQs page to learn more about our appointment policies.

We Offer:

  • Individual Live Scans
  • Group Live Scans
  • Mobile Live scan (For Businesses Only)

Inkcard Fingerprinting

Book an appointment to perform inkcard fingerprinting for FBI purposes. We have helped hundreds of San Bernardino residents complete their FBI fingerprinting, we can help you too.

Ink card fingerprinting is a more traditional method of performing background checks.  Also called; Ink fingerprinting it is done by using ink to record the client’s fingerprints onto an ink card designed specifically for FBI background checks.

There are different types of ink cards, MCG Service uses FD-258 ink cards, this is the highest and most commonly used type of ink card. The use of FD-258 cards allows for the capture of the highest quality fingerprints possible. Comibined with our high level of expertise and knowledge in capturing clear fingerprints, this virtually guarantees you a speedy process. You may request any state-specific fingerprinting services.

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