Tax Preparers in San Bernardino

We are your trusted income tax advisors. We are individual and business tax preparers in San Bernardino, our registered tax preparers will evaluate your unique tax situation and arm you with personalized guidance through any tax challenges that you’re facing. The goal is to dramatically shrink your tax liability as much as possible so that you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

We stay up-to-date on current federal and state tax laws through diligent continuing education and we use our astute knowledge of individual and business tax codes when we prepare your individual tax returns — so you don’t miss out on any tax credits and deductions that you are entitled to take.

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e-File Online

  • Professionally reviewed and amended if necessary
  • Self-paced, completed on your time
  • 100% Remotely available, file from anywhere
  • Pay Online
  • Get step-by-step assistance when you need it.
  • Documents submitted virtually

Tax Preparation in San Bernardino

  • File in-person
  • Professionally prepared on your behalf
  • Almost no technical skills needed
  • Recieve in-person assistance
  • Duty-free filing
  • Pay in person or online
  • Documents submitted virtually or in-person

Serving San Bernardino, Rialto and Loma Linda

Business Taxes

We offer tax preparation for small businesses in San Bernardino, CA as well as for businesses across the U.S. We’ve worked with a wide array of business owners to dramatically shrink their tax liability with tailor-made advanced tax planning strategies and astute tax know-how of our registered tax preparers.

Your company’s structure has unique regulations for tax filing, and we’re prepared to treat your business like a real person, the way that you have done from the conception of your idea. When it comes to taxes, in most cases, your company structure also affects your individual taxes. Our registered tax preparers take the time to understand you, the clients, we’re focused on your financial objectives as much as you are, this allows us to provide the most effective and personalized income tax planning for you.

Business tax requirements typically vary, depending upon whether or not;

  • Your business is a Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, S Corp, or C Corporation
  • Your business was opened during the current year
  • You are thinking about putting your company up for sale in the near future
  • You have sold off all or part or of your company
  • You are taking advantage of every available deduction.
  • It is time to restructure your business in order to decrease your tax liability.

When you work with us you’ll be able to get help with more than just your annual income tax, we offer full service and therefore also help our clients with;

  • Payroll taxes
  • Sales and use taxes
  • Personal taxes 
  • Personal property tax
  • Annual report filing