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- For individuals tax returns you need to provide W - 2 from all companies you worked within
the year.


- For business tax returns a copy of you financial statement for the whole year icluding profit/
loss and expenses.


- Social security number for you and all individuals on your tax return including dependents/
ITIN provided to you by the irs


-Proof of insurance (insurance cards, eligibility letter)


- Identification


- Prior year tax return if this is your first time filing with us.

Yes. If you have been a victim of identity theft you will need your pin to complete your taxes. to retrieve your pin you can visit the irs website: irs.gov/identity-theft-fraud-scams/retrieve-your-ip-pin. Or your other option is to send your return by paper, which could result in refund delay 6 to 8 weeks

You may request an Identity protection pin (IP PIN) on the IRS website. or you can send your taxes by paper.

Please refer to the irs website https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment

To check your federal refund visit irs.gov


to check your state refund visit ftb.ca.gov

Please contact us at contact@mcgservicellc.com with your insurance related questions

To check if you qualify for this program please email or fax us a copy of


- Drivers license
- Vehicle registration form
- Proof of income (most recent W -2) or state benefits (EBT card, Medical/ Medicare, Social
Security income statement, disability income statement etc...

Yes. Call us to request a quote.

No at this time. The program currently offers only liability coverage.

The program generally offers coverage for those individuals you fall within a certain income group with or without dependents. Individuals who receive most form of state benefits such as: Social security income, EBT, Disability income, Medical / Medicare etc.... may generally qualify. for further information visit: mylowcostauto.com/faq/english

Here's some quick answers MCG Notarial Services, FAQs

- Valid form of identification
- Document to be notarized.

Yes. you will need to credible witnesses (people who personally know you) that can verify your identity.

No. notaries are not allowed to certify copies of recordable documents such as: passports, visas, drivers license, birth certificates, social security cards etc. However you can write a statement attesting the documents are what you say it is.

No. Notaries are not allowed to notarize recordable documents such as: drivers license, social security cards, birth certificates etc.. however you can write a statement attesting that the documents are what you state they are.

Yes, we will need to attach a document to make the form authentic

Have questions about Ink card fingerprinting and digital live scan, these are some of our most asked questions

Call for pricing because government fees vary depending on the type of Live scan requested.

Bring a valid form of Identification along with the Live scan form.

Normally it takes 24 to 48 hours for processing.
Results can take longer if done over the weekend

You can call the agency that requested you to do a livescan fingerprinting and ask them if they received the results. or visit: https://applicantstatus.doj.ca.gov

Yes we do card copy finger printing, for those who need this form of services to get their background check veryfied.