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Before you e-File your taxes with us, we recommend reading our Tax FAQs page. You have many questions, we understand, If you find that you're still lacking clarity when it comes to filing your taxes just call us directly or send us an email. Our contact information can be found on this page. We respond to all messages within 8-12 hours. We are closed on Saturdays, messages sent after our business hours on Fridays will be read and responded to on Sundays.

Individual Taxes

When you're ready to file your individual income taxes we will prepare your taxes together. Our clients have two options for filing their taxes with us; You get to choose between filing entirely online and having a registered tax preparer assess your return before filing it with the IRS or you may visit our office in San Bernardino to begin filing your taxes in-person.

  • Submit necessary documentation in-person or online.
  • Pay necessary filing fees in-person or online.
  • e-File from anywhere in the world (online-only process)
  • Receive $100 off automatically for e-Filing.

Small Business Taxes

MCG Service is one of the leading providers of small business tax preparation is San Bernardino, CA. Whether you have a sole proprietorship or an LLC we can work with you to reduce your tax liabilty by offering;

  • Advanced business tax preparation for LLCs and Sole Props.
  • Proven tax planning strategies for small businesses.
  • Abreast and informed tax code knowledge.

Our clients work tirelessly to build their businesses from scratch, we help them earn, save and re-invest more of their hard-earned money to grow their businesses even further. We are lifelong partners to a handful of small business owners and have helped them save thousands in taxes; find out if we can help you too, give us a call.

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MCG Service, LLC is one of the highest rated insurance agencies in San Bernardino. We offer a wide range of insurance products and are available to take your questions and concerns. You may also email us at contact@mcgservicellc.com to learn more about the types of insurance that we offer and how they could be suitable for you and your life

Car Insurance

Protect yourself and your most precious loved-ones when on the road, cheap car insurance can end up costing you an arm and a leg and expensive car insurance is no better, at least not all the time. We know how to find the right balance between affordable and effective. When it comes to car insurance you shouldn't have to overpay to get quality covereage speak to one of our insurance agents today to find out if we can help you save mney and get better coverage on your car insurace

Home Insurance

We offer our clients the most custom-tailored, fully customizable home insurance in Southern California. Not only do our customers get the best in quality and care but we also ensure that we provide continued updates and savings on their policies. Your home and those in it is too precious to leave it up to the limited coverage of generic home insurance.

Life Insurance

Get term life insurance with return of premium at the end of your term. You may think that life insurance is expensive but have you ever thought of getting every single premium payment back? This type of policy let's you get your premium payments back at the end of your term, it's not a joke. Need more coverage, we also offer whole life insurance for our clients who have a greater need for added security and final expense coverage.

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Notary Public in San Bernardino, CA

Get your documents notarized by scheduling an appointment to meet with our notary public in our San Bernardino office. We offer notarial services for a wide range of legal needs, Here's a list of documents that can be notarized by us;

  • Sworn statements
  • Powers of attorney
  • Deeds of trust
  • Rental agreements
  • Copy certifications
  • Beneficiary designations for retirement accounts
  • Promissory notes
  • Motor vehicle bills of sale.
  • and more!

How To Schedule an Appointment:

Your first option is to call us at (909) 245-0558 to schedule an appointment with us.

You may also schedule online by clicking here

We recommend contacting us directly for answer to any notary related questions you may have.

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Digital Live Scan

Need a background check done for a job application or for applying for other government permits? We offer Individual and group Live Scans. Clients will need to book an appointment to get a live Scan done in our San Bernardino office. We also offer mobile Live Scan services to a select group of customers based upon client needs and the availabitlity of our Live Scan team

Individual Live Scans

    • In-person services available
    • Book an appointment online or over the phone

Group Live Scans

    • Mobile services available
    • Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses
    • Book an appointment by calling (909) 245-0558

Inkcard Fingerprinting in San Bernardino, CA

Individuals can book appointments to get inkcard fingerprinting done for business and legal purposes. We also offer inkcard fingerprinting for small and medium-sized businesses in the San Bernardino, Loma Linda and Rialto area and can help you expedite the process of screening your employees for prior criminal offenses.

If you have any question regarding Live Scans or inkcard fingerprinting please contact us directly.

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Take advantage of several business services offered by MCG Service, we've helped business owners start their business the right way, thereby setting them up for greater succes in the future. We offer consulting services for those who are planning to start a tax preparation business but we've extended our services even beyond just tax preparation, We believe in doing the most that we possibly can to enrich our communities, to provide jobs and to build wealth; bridging the gap between the upper and lower-middle class.

For California Business Owners, We can help guide you to becoming a successful...

  • Registered Tax Preparer
  • Notary Public
  • Licensed Insurance 
  • Loan Signing Agent

For Those Across The U.S. We'll work with you to...

  • Start and grown a successful Tax preparation business
  • Create a business plan for your tax business

Empower Caribbean-American Women to start successful businesses;

MCG Service is owned and operated by Malika C. Gardner who is not just an black woman but who is also the child of immigrants and an immigrant herself and who is also a first generation female entrepreneur and college graduate. She is a shining example of perseverance and strength and has been helping to empower other Caribbean-American women across America to start their own businesses. 

Call: (909) 245-0558    Email: contact@mcgservciellc.com    Visit: 1254 South Waterman Avenue, San Bernardino, CA